The One With The Hat On

“Norn… is the one with the hat on.
His attitude is, “We are going to have a great time together.”
He twists a wide range of balloon animals, objects and hats as quickly as he can to make sure everyone gets a balloon.
Interacting with his audiences is what makes the Fun in what he does, and giving away a personally made balloon sculptures brings a smile to his face as well as the person who receives it. He knows some people are initially not sure about balloons and he will do his best to slowly reassure them in a Fun way, he can often produce or make another item out of something other than balloons, or sometimes even nothing!
When the queues allow he loves to perform Magic, either close-up one to one, or for the whole crowd. Norn is a member of Aberdeen Magical Society, and has even been awarded a trophy for his close-up Magic.
He likes to clown around and to be silly… but he is not sure if he is a Fool or a Buffoon!
He is a member of Equity and has Enhanced Disclosure.”

There will also be crowd interaction and lots of information being put across about these, now relatively rare, creatures.

There may even be a chance to buy a back scratcher at the end of the show!

Among the incredible feats you will ‘see’ the fleas perform are;

The lights on and door open,
The chariot parade round the ring,
The barrel roll,
The high wire with dumbells
The high dive and water splash
The flea cannon!

The flea circus can be utilised by having performances at set times during an event, or just as audiences gather round to see such a fascinating and unique event.

Shows normally last 15-20 minutes and audiences can be for 5 to 50.
The audiences are limited to the number that can crowd round the table with the suitcase containing the Flea circus. A tent or other cover is used in outdoor events